Hobo Five Pie

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Preparation Time:  60 minutes
Cooking Time:  60 minutes

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Serves:  Lots

Additional information: Fat: 1g, Total Carbohydrates: 54g, Dietary Fiber: 8g, Sugars: 2g and
Protein: 10g


  • white sauce
  • vegan cheese substitute
  • vegan pizza dough
  • hobo misc. veggies:


Just toss in random veggies you have lying around the house but make sure that you have one of each of the five veggie colors in order to make it a "five pie". When I make this recipe I often include ingredients such as: potatoes, celery, eggplant, broccoli, red, green and yellow peppers, peas, corn and random frozen veggie packages that I have shoved at the bottom of my freezer.

Possibly Include:no chicken chicken broth or bouillon, veggie bouillon or broth, garlic or other random spices.

Put some of the veggies in a blender,and add some water or no chickenchicken broth or some veggie broth toit, and hit liquefy. It will create athicker sauce that you will use injust a moment.

Throw all of these veggies in sometype of liquid. You could use wateror could also use a chicken freechicken broth to boil them in. Youcould also possibly add the last ofyour chicken free chicken broth youhave hanging around the house, and mixit with water. Any way you toss the dice, theveggies should just barely besubmersed and surrounded by some typeof yummy water broth. Add the blendedveggies from moments ago to this mixand then add some spice to it – anywayyou want to. When I make this Inormally toss in some garlic and Mrs.Dash type spices. I also might addsome veggie chicken spices. You mighttoss in some salt and pepper. Justspice it up to taste. Check itrandomly as you continue the next fewsteps.

White Sauce:
2 teaspoon vegan butter
2 tablespoon unbleached flour
1 cup soy or rice milk
Melt the butter, pour the flour in, stir till smooth and put inthe “milk”. Bring to a boil, and stir constantly. When itthickens, pour it in with the veggiemix you have on the burner already.

Depending on how thick youwant your pie innards and how manyveggies you have boiling, this recipemay need to be doubled.

Vegan cheese Substitute:
This is a recipe that we got off ofthis web site. It is called VeganCheese Substitute, and it's reallyyummy. We've used it in a lot ofdifferent dishes, and it's beendescribed almost like a mushroom souptype of taste. Everyone has adifferent opinion!
½ cup stick non hydrogenated vegan margarine
¼ cup white flour
½ cup nutritional yeast flakes
2 teaspoons garlic powder or powdered veggie broth
2 – 3 tablespoons tamari (to taste)
2 cups boiling water

Melt the vegan margarine n the sauce pan.Stir in flour. Add one cup boiling water.Stir in nutritional yeast.Add more water, garlic powder andtamari. Stir over heat until thoroughly mixed(no lumps!)Sauce will thicken as it cools.

Toss this sauce into the veggieconcoction.

Pizza Dough:
When I make this recipe I use a breadmachine and toss the ingredients inthere and hit the pizza dough cycle. However, if you don't have a breadmachine you may want to search out avegan pizza dough recipe. If you'reusing a bread machine you put in theingredients to make bread only hit thepizza dough cycle (or any dough cyclefor that matter) and it will takeanywhere from 50 min to 1 ½ hoursdepending on your machine. So youwill want to make this first or evenahead of time.

Once you have your dough and yourveggie mix is soft and is spiced totaste you are ready to begin the pieconstruction.

Spray a muffin pan or two and put somedough in each muffin slot. Spread itout across the bottom and sides ofeach hole. Add the veggie sauceinnards to the pan. Top each pie offwith a dough topper that you firmlylatch to the bottom dough using a forkto prong them together.

Put them in the oven at around 400until the crust on the top is brown. The veggie mix is already cooked soyou are just waiting on the crust.

The recipe can make a lot if you areoverzealous with your veggies – so ifyou have the time I suggest freezingthe extra or just saving the innardsveggie mix to eat with biscuits oreven as a soup later.

Caution: I've only made thisrecipe a few times and its still awork in progress. The veggie goo isnormally too thin when I make it, and Ihaven't yet figured out how to thickenit up. If anyone has any suggestionsthat would be great!

Nutritional Info:
There is a lot of B-12 in that vegan cheesesubstitute recipe and you are gettingevery veg color in this mix so it hasto be pretty nutritious. You are alsoboiling the veggies in the same wateror broth that you are eating. Nothingis being tossed aside and that meansnone of the veg nutritional value isbeing lost - but some of it is merelybeing transferred to the sauceitself. So I'm thinking it's probablypretty healthy! If any experts wantto calculate the nutritional valuethen hats off to you :)

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