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Preparation Time:  60 minutes
Cooking Time:  60 minutes

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Serves:  as many as you want!

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  • 1 meyer lemon - squeezed, pulp and juice, seeds optional
  • 3 rounded teaspoons of vegan sugar (in this case, teaspoon means a normal teaspoon used at a table place setting)
  • cold water to fill the glass
  • optional: add a bit of the lemon peel (we found this didn't seem to affect the flavor much.)


Combine ingredients for a single glass (~8-10 oz.).

Caveat: A meyer lemon is a bit sweeter than the "normal" kind you can buy in the grocery store. I believe there's a bit of sweet orange in its family tree somewhere. We like tart lemonade. Another friend of ours who also has a Meyer lemon tree uses a fair bit more vegan sugar than we do.

For a gallon: (Here memory is failing a bit. The lemons were used up a while ago.)

10 Meyer lemons (juice and pulp only), 1/2 cup vegan sugar and cold water to complete the gallon

Caveat: It seems that leaving the seeds in the lemonade causes the lemonade to turn bitter when it is left overnight in the fridge.

Sorry these are English units. A gallon is a bit less than 4 litres. I'd have to look up how many grammes of vegan sugar are in a cup.

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