Pineapple-Vanilla Dessert

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Preparation Time:  60 minutes
Cooking Time:  60 minutes

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Serves:  6 - 8
Additional information: Note: The longer you knead and simmer the gluten, the tougher it will
become, so you can pick your own texture. This recipe is a lot simpler thanthe "old-fashioned" way!


  • crushed pineapple in juice (unsweetened, canned)
  • Cuarenta y Tres (43) Liquor (it's a vanilla liquor from Spain)


Pre-prepare pineapple by pouring contents of can into icecube trays and freezing. The icecube trays I have make cubes about 1"x1"x1.5" so adjust the following if yours are bigger or smaller.

Note: If you stick toothpicks in the pineapple cubes they make nice popsicles.

About 30 minutes to a couple hours before serving, blend (in blender or food processor) 5 pineapple cubes and 2-3 oz. of 43 liquor for each serving. Spoon into dessert glasses and refreeze.

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